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About Us...

Years ago, I traveled the country as an Industrial Boiler Technician and was exposed to a variety of foods. I tried ribs in Memphis, Gator bites in Southern Texas, and wings in so many cities that I lost count. My constant complaint was, no matter how tasty and mouthwatering the sauce was, most of it was usually left in the bottom of the basket or on the bottom of the plate. The world needed a thick sauce. With flavor.

When I began the long simmering process of this sauce, I realized that adding honey, as well as brown sugar, would thicken the sauce while giving it- what turned out to be- an Award Winning flavor.
I had so many friends and family tell me how amazing this sauce was, and that I needed to start selling it and entering it into contests. This is when I decided to enter the National Buffalo Wing Festival Competition. In August of 2012, I entered the competition for the first time. Judges were just as in awe as everyone else who had tried it, and the recipe won 1st place for Best Traditional Sauce. I spent the next year casually making my award winning recipe - cooking, bottling, labeling and selling them to my rapidly growing customer base. August of 2013 came and I thought that if my sauce could win first place again, then it was time for me to really start investing in this new and unique- gourmet - hot sauce. Well, my recipe won again. First Place for the second year in a row...
This was the start of Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce.
And thanks to all of you and the support you have given us over the years, we are now able to expand our product line. Check our website or social media for periodic updates or click on "Newsletter" at the bottom of the page to get exclusive access to deals and discounts. 
Thank you, from our family to yours.