Award Winning Hot Sauce

The perfect blend of spicy and sweet, always leaving you wanting



A Little Spicy...

Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce, LLC was launched in 2013 after Bo's delicious hot sauce creation won 1st place two years in a row at The National Buffalo Wing Fest in Buffalo, NY.

Our honey, garlic and jalapeño's are all produced locally, if not in our own garden! We make sure you get the best, high quality ingredients. Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce is handcrafted to perfection. We put a lot of time and effort into growing, choosing, cutting and cooking each ingredient. Our process is a long one to ensure each and every bottle is filled with amazing flavor and spice. You have never tasted a sauce like ours. Try it on anything- eggs, burgers, pizza, fish, mac and cheese and of course chicken wings!

...A Little Sweet...

Follow along with us as we explore the amazing world of Beekeeping. We try to update weekly on the progress of Bo’s Bees through our Vlog.  

A Little Bit About The Heat...


Gave this to our groomsmen as wedding gifts, along with custom mugs and liquor bottles. The hot sauce was the most talked about item! When I moved my brothers gift bag to another room, my brother thought I was trying to steal his hot sauce. He had became very protective after trying it just one time. I encourage you to try it as well. Makes an excellent gift for anyone!

Kimberly, NY

I just bought a bottle at Dispenza's. I have a wheat allergy as well as others including tomato. This sauce is delicious! I put it on a turkey sandwich and it added great flavor. Definitely recommend!

Melissa, NY

My boys LOVE your hot sauce! Can't get enough of it!

Ann, NY

Picked up a bottle at the Clarence deli.... I am hooked!!!!

Mike, NY

I had a Honey Brown Hot burger tonight, which is reasonable right? But the other day, I had Bo's Honey Brown Hot on my Annie's organic mac & cheese, not because the pasta was lacking, but because I had to satisfy my craving for the sauce. It's getting a little out of hand, maybe, but I'm not complaining.

Lauren, OH

This sauce is delicious. A must have in everybody's pantry!

Berried Treasures Gifts, NY

We love Bo's Hot Sauce, use it on everything!! Everyone should try it you won't be sorry!!

Chris, NY

Delicious unique taste. Received a bottle for Christmas. Tastes great in chili!

Annie, NY

Best sauce ever! Heat AND flavor! Try it on wings & fingers but I also love it in shrimp stir fry.

Tammy, NY

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