Welcome to the Wonderful World of Honey!

This page is a link to anything you want to know about Bo's Bees. You will find video links if you want to see our hives in action or blog posts if you want to read all about it. Right now our hives are too young to be able to take the honey and beeswax they produce, so, for now, we buy either all-natural or organic, and local, ingredients.

Aside from Beekeeping and cooking hot sauce, we also enjoy using all-natural, homemade products that we know don't contain harmful chemicals. The advantage of using natural/organic bath and body products is that they work with your body, enhancing the skin’s natural function. Research shows that the skin is capable of absorbing up to 60% of the ingredients in the products we apply. The vast majority of skin care products we buy from stores contain harmful chemicals, toxins and poisons that can cause long term damage.

So here at Bo's Honey Brown Hot we wanted to share our love for healthy living with you! We have many homemade products available for you. We are constantly adding new things and may not always carry the same products. If you would like something specific, most likely we can do please feel free to shoot us an email! All of our products are made with either all-natural or organic ingredients and we stand by the quality of our products.






Luxurious Bath and Body Line





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